Our next & final Wine Tasting is August 4th at 7pm!

We’re excited to welcome you to Krüs Wine Wednesday Tastings, which will be available every Wednesday. If you're not already familiar, we take our wines very seriously at Krüs. We strictly offer low intervention producers who deeply respect and care for their vines and wine. There are only 10 tickets available (tickets go live for sale each Thursday for the following week's tasting).

Grab them while you can!

What is Krüs Wine Club?

"Thank you for such a wonderful wine tasting tonight! We are honored to be apart of the first inaugural tasting! We loved the skin contact wines and can't wait to come back!"


"What an amazing and informative wine tasting! Thank you so much for the experience! Cannot wait for the next one!"


"I could send a voice note about how much I genuinely enjoyed it. Met a great bunch of people. The wine was delicious!!! There was an educational component. Overall it was a great experience. I signed up for the wine club! Everything was so thoughtful."


"The wine tasting was so informational, which I thoroughly enjoyed as I am currently on a "wine learning" tip. Manuela and Josh had so much fun knowledge and were so receptive to my questions and commentary. The wine was delicious and I loved the space and general vibes."


"Loved the tasting! Got to try 4 amazing, unique wines, plus got all the history and answers to any questions we had. 10/10 would recommend!